Monday, 17 September 2012


A baby girl born in November in the middle class family of MR. and MRS. Gupta. Both of them were on cloud 9 ,they planned not have more children ,they wanted to give their daughter all the pleasures of life. They wanted to fulfill all her wishes. She was………she is……….she always will be the princess of her father.
She grew up in her own fairy world where pain and problems do not exist.Inspite of her bad luck in all the fields, she never felt bad as her parents love her beyond the imaginations, they pamper her like a doll.
Still she had one blank in her life which she never shared with her parents. She misses the love of a brother. That was the day which brought a big change in her fairy world. Now a new member joined the fairy world, her brother, who do not exist, she played with him she love him…he cares for her, he is possessive for her.
Now she is older, she reached to her teen age. She started to find a true friend in every person she met with whom she can enjoy and play. She wanted to make an addition to her fairy life, but her first dream broke, her fairyland got an earthquake. She even doesn’t have a single good friend. Her fairyland’s doors got closed. But her search didn’t stop.
Now she finished her teen age, she started to feel the different types of feeling, now her fairy land wanted a prince to accompany her and her family. And a prince came to the land, she lived happily with him but suddenly he deceived her. He left her alone.
She stopped smiling, then the king her father and her brother came up to support her, to tell her that still many people love her, she is not alone. She started smiling and living again but the gap remains.
Now she had to go far away from the king and the queen to study higher studies. King loves her, he doesn’t want her to go, he tried to stop but he was not able to.
And she reached the land where human beings live, who plays politics just for fun, which hurts people, who don’t know how to treat people. She felt herself behind the bars and her only sin was leaving her dad at home for studying. A good step for her career turned to be sin.
She is out of her fairy land now because these human interfered there,she left all alone.she ran , she cried but humans didn’t left her and continued their actions.her fairy land was collapsing because the source of energy of the fairy land was her smile which she lost.
After lots of kicks and boxes she got the result,she didn’t wanted to loose her fairy land where her brother lives,where her life is happy.she is curing him as he is also hurted because he is the part of her, not a body of flesh.
And she will bring him and her fairy land to their original place,she will prove her love to them.