Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Life as we know it/ Life “as if” we know it

Well the first part of heading belongs to an amazing movie but second half is my deal. My approach for the article is something different. The article is how our life starts what we desire and dream and what really happens in reality. We always wish something to happen in our lives; we think we are imagining the best for us, we think we know all the aspects of life but is it true?? Do we really know everything or do we really wanna know everything…

You already know the answer, whatever happens in life is interrelated to different events which already took place and which are going to take place. Reality is far different from our imagination.
Life starts as soon as we enter the womb of our mother it develops from a seed to flesh to organs to a beautiful baby. Parents start planning our lives the second they know the seed is there. They imagine our names in both the genders. They start discussing our school, friends, sports, habits, commitments and who knows what.

Each touch of our mother on her baby bump gives her new idea. This is how life starts. Do we know this, can we imagine it, and can we feel it?? No, not until we are in same shoes.
And at last we are born and the actual wind blows. Our first smile, first word, first step and first tear everything matters, everything is cherished it also create the base for the mountain we gonna create or the pit we are gonna fall in. Life is unpredictable, it is not like we imagine like you say, “life as we know it”. But really it should be said “life as if we know it”.

When we are born we don’t know how to take the step, we learn. We can’t expect what will happen next, we learn from our deeds. The basic gist of the article is to tell the same thing that we don’t know what will happen next, we learn it. We don’t know about life. We can’t judge it by what we desire or expect. It has to be anonymous, if we learn this simple fact our lives will be bit easy.

It’s a no blame game, there is no phrase “why me”….. its always “well it’s me, shit !! Let’s handle this”. Or it also can be “wow it’s me”, you never know. Life is not only pits, sometimes it’s an evening facing the calm lake as well. Predicting your every move is reel life. Moving with the unpredictable life is the real one. Trust me on this!!!!! I know what I am saying.