Saturday, 18 August 2012



Formerly for me life was waking up at 11am doing brunch till 3pm .going to shopping, movie, roaming and coming back at 7 -8 pm .then bear the scolding of the PG owner regarding food out of concern.
Dinner at 10 pm that too little bit as already stuffed with other stuff of malls. Then pretend to the owner that you are soon as she is gone just dance and make fun. After 12 in the night rat fight starts in the ‘chupke se’ go to nearby adda and have coffee and bring Maggi packets to room. Then preparing Maggi at 2 am by those who even don’t know how to light the gas and start a winning show. Sleeping at 5am by doing Facebook.
                                                                                And now sleep at 2 am no Facebook and wake up at 7:30 am go for gym, then breakfast till 9 am or stay hungry. Class at 9:30 am get back to room by 6 pm ,study, as you can’t roam or talk to guys, no casual wear……….” Senior’s rules”.

Friday, 17 August 2012

I , ME , MYSELF..........

The most selfish 3 words, but do you really think that thinking about oneself is a crime or selfishness. I love myself then is it a bad thing.
 If we analyze the thing then we will get the answer that those who are selfish they don’t love themselves rather they admire themselves and want the same from the others.
If we love, then we love each and everything on this earth. Love doesn’t differentiate between human being and anything. Love is a feeling if it’s there it will be for all.
“If anything is done by me then obviously I’m the person to get the credit, how can I ignore myself.”
Have you noticed something in the above line all the three words are used there but without the smell of selfishness!
There is lot of things which we have to think before making an belief, as belief‘s are easy to create but difficult to modify.
The person who uses “I” is not the dominating person always rather he is a initiator…….. think differentJ

Thursday, 16 August 2012


before you judge my life,my past or my character........walk in my shoes,walk the path i have traveled, my sorrow,my doubts,my fear,my pain and my laughter.......................
REMEMBER..............................everyone has a story.when you've lived my life then you can judge me...............