Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Teddy bears

I always loved my teddy bears since I was a kid; well I’m still the one. There are loads of reasons behind it. They proved themselves the most adorable and admirable partners. When I was angry I kicked them ,I rebuked them, I throw them away but they never hated me for that ,they remain the same always in all of my ups and downs.
When I cried they soaked all my tears into them and make me smile. They always behave like nothing happened. They take my sadness and convert into a smile in no time. They understand me in all the situations I faced in the life. They never asked why, what, how, they never say go away; don’t want to talk to you. They never reject me. For them I’m the most important person on this earth.
They always hug me with hands wide spread, the hug when I forget my pains, my sorrows, the hug which I want my friends to give me ,my love to give me but it is given by teddy bears. They never complained, well I didn't give any chance of that to them because I love them.
  But still they are just teddy bears .