Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Atheist or Not? No I am not Atheist.. I am agnostic

When someone discuss about religion with me I give them logic. And the conversation flows this way….
People: What is your religion?

Me: I am Agnostic and don’t believe in religions. I believe there is one God and he is handling everything.

People: Do you go to any temple?

Me: Nope!!!

People: Oh you are nastik (atheist)!!!

Me: No dear!! I am agnostic which means I believe in God but not in religion.

People: It’s same.

You got to be kidding me!!
It’s not same buddy. It’s entirely different. I never understood the relation of going to temple with belief in God. Both are completely different things. To believe in God I don’t have to be in Temple rather I have to create my heart as a temple where God can reside.

Me: Have you read “GITA” or “Ramayana” (Holy books)?

People: No, we watch religious channels on TV.

Me: I have read both books. And TV is not the substitute of the book dear.

People: We work and can’t read the complete book.

Me: It’s just the dedication and wish buddy. I also work, I also do household chores but I read them because I wanted to. This can definitely answer your question about who is an atheist. Going to temple can’t justify your dedication and feelings towards God or religion.
Guys if I person don’t follow a temple doesn’t mean he or she don’t follow the God. It’s the matter of your perception not reality. Religion and God are different, God didn’t discriminate religion rather religion discriminate the God.
I follow what my heart says, I always try to be honest about things, I never hurt anyone intentionally, I try to be loyal and Love everyone. Isn’t these traits are preached in the holy books. Following a temple and religion does not make anyone a nice human being, it’s your work and thoughts which decides your fate of being nice or not. Be genuine not convenient.
I know a lot of people who goes to temple, they follow their religion rigorously but still are deep into nuisances. How can we justify them as the follower of God? God never said create nuisance.
If you really wanna follow him, follow His sayings try to imbibe those facts in your lives. Be natural and you will see the difference between a agnostic person and an atheist.

 I am not perfect but I try. Do You??