Wednesday, 24 October 2012


What are friends for? This is the statement every time I say when my friends says thank you for some help. God decided who will be our parents, partner but its friends who we choose, for whom we live and we can die.
From the first day of the school till the last breath of our lives they are the part of our lives.
We laugh for no reason, we fight for silly reasons and start talking after 10 minutes, tease each other with the names of different guys and gals, but whatever the situation is we are there for each other.
They know you more than your parents or you yourself. The best chapter of life is FRIENDS…..
Thank you guys for being there for me every time, Vaise
“what are friends for ?”

Monday, 8 October 2012


After coming 2155 kms away from my home I realized the love I have for my love for that main gate on which I used to swing every time I enter or leave the home, for the entrance on which I used to make rangoli on deepawali, the side entrance where my bicycle is parked, as if it is Audi. It was the vehicle on which I used to roam in whole city as I’m the queen and it’s my personal Audi.
                                                                                                                                                                                I miss those stairs on which I used to fall 10 times a day and in spite of showing affection my mom used to scold me, I miss that scolding full of love and care for me.
                                                                                                Now I realized how much I love those maroon and cream walls of my room after being thousands of kms away from them. I love that books shelf where I used to keep all of my books properly, untouched .I miss the almirah which I never cleaned even after listening so many scoldings for that.


                                Of course how can I forget “rules of entering my room?”
Funny isn’t it .Now I realized how much I love those small things, small moments I used to spend with my parents, my teddy bears, my terrace………..
                                                                                I miss the voice of my mom which was the starter of my day and the goodnight kiss which ends it. I miss when my dad calls me different names and never go to sleep till I’m asleep. I miss the fights with my dad for small actual I miss being me. I miss the selfless love of my parents for me, I miss the friendship of my friends, and I miss the relationship of me with my room.