Monday, 9 February 2015

Friday Nights at office

Hello Friends,

It’s the first time i am writing anything about my office. Well it’s the first time i have something to write about. Well let me first brief you about this before getting forward on it.
I have switched my job and currently working in a US IT staffing company since one month. The culture followed here is bit inspired by US. Remember only a bit.
Here is the experience which i felt worth sharing.
Fridays are the fun days both start with “F”. It rings the bells of a weekend and party. It tells you to put up your sleeves, fill the car and go have fun.
Normally in our company we used to get pizzas on Fridays to enjoy it together and have fun. But 15 days back something different happened although good but unexpected. We got around 10-15 new recruits in our office. Young people who are about to graduate and we felt the talent in air.
Last to last week on Friday at around 3:30 am just one hour before ending of our shift. Two of the new recruits (twin brothers) started playing guitar and singing and truly speaking i don’t have words to explain the aroma it created.
Got to know that a lot of people in our office have distinctive talents. Their passion for singing was shown on that day. They were free from the world and were singing in their melodious voices. They sang songs touching the strings of everyone’s hearts. We enjoyed the whole concert. I can’t explain the moment in words. The room was so lively that the work pressure was evaporated from the shoulders of the people.
The reason i am writing this is because of the smiles i saw on the faces of the people that day. They were real smiles reaching the eyes. They were completely living that moment without thinking about anything else.
Guys’ life is too short to:
  • ·         Lie
  • ·         Be bound
  • ·         Be Fake
  • ·         Be unhappy
  • ·         Hide

Smile when you want to, cry when you feel like, it is not showing your weakness rather our capability to accept pain.

Try to be open to yourself, so that the face in the mirror knows about himself/ herself.