Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Delhi .... Through My Eyes

Delhi a city full of cars and bikes is a first thought that will come to your mind as soon as you will step in it.
Here morning gives you a sound of hawkers with milk, vegetables and newspapers. Every turns gives you a smell of the most appetizing food in the world, each bite of which create a craving for more and more. Either it’s the samosa or the jalebi everything is so mouth watering that your taste bud will act as a magnet.
The land of rulers which still holds the memories of the great fighters any country can see. The passion and love of them for their country is still praised by the world. The steps they followed might be wrong but the result is remarkable. It’s a place which collected all the gems in the heart.
With a population of more than crore the city never loses its spark of life, every second person you meet on the road belongs to different state or country. It keeps everything intact in it without anything to outflow from the basket woven with love, compassion and humbleness.
Just walk out of your doorstep in evening and you will find the happiness of your life. College students gossiping around the corners, children playing with their moms, working people coming home, birds chirping and returning to their nest, every moment makes you relived.
The city is full of voices and noises but somewhere it also contains its calmness in it. People say there is so much noise everywhere but i say people are enthusiastic and lively.. that they live every second here. Traffic jams is a daily routine but it gives you time to see around the place. Getting late is better than never living.
Connaught Place the best circle in the heart of the city and truly speaking it’s the heart which makes the city living. The circle to hang out either at coffee shop or the corner benches. People playing guitars at the corner or couples holding hands in hands enjoying the weather and what i can say about the National Flag floating in the air as if it’s purifying it for us, everything is so beautiful that you will fall in love with it.
The world famous gaffer market is also here. All those guys who eat, breathe and sleep with gadgets know about it doesn’t matter where they live. It’s a heaven for techies. Those narrow roads with small shops have everything in them you desire or aspire.
Now what can i say about the chandni chowk, a place around the most gorgeous and beautiful Red Fort. You know what i can’t imagine anything i will not find here, from the most delicious food to the most stunning bridal attire. The place you will fear to enter because of its excessive crowd but will be happy afterwards.

The city has its own charm and attraction. A air worth breathing in, the land you should step at least once in your lifetime. The place full of love and life. The place where my steps forces me to go, the place i live and want to die as well. It is not a place but a feeling of happiness.