Sunday, 4 October 2015

Everything Is Fun : The Trekking Trip to valley of flowers....

Smile never comes with terms and conditions it just appears on your face when your heart feels it. The whole article is all about the smiles I witnessed on the faces of my friends and mine too. The last five days were the amazing days full of smiles and fun.

Two months back one of my friend approached me with an idea of a trekking trip. It was the first time I heard the name of the place, “Valley Of Flowers”. He told me it’s a trekking trip and I said, “I am in”. He sent me few details and links of the place to study. Till the time I boarded the car, I only know that trekking means loads of walk and mountains but later I realized what I got myself in. I accepted the plan without knowing the road ahead of me. And trust me it was one of my best decisions in last 25 years.

Day 1

Well Vikram and Mohit the only two creatures I knew while starting the trip, they also were the main managers of all the fun coming. We booked a dashing red Scorpio car with 6 people to sit in. so now the journey begun on 3 rd September ’2015 at 7:30 am from vikram’s place.
Who says plan always works right, they sometimes backfire but Our plan backfired plan was too awesome to realize. Our scheduled arrival to destination was 4th September but guesses what we there on 6th September and Google maps became our internal joke. We relied on it and it leaded to 250 kms extra in order to make our route shortest.

There are two national highways 121 and 58 which lead to valley of flowers, where 58 is the shorter one. Oops but we opted 121 which is the longest and the lonely highway but with amazing clicks. We turned, we ride, we stopped, we clicked and enjoyed it.

Journey started with 6 people one who drive, one who make everyone laugh, one the silent killer ( horse), and two beautiful ladies apart from me. There were loads of cheers and fights in it, as our precious chauffeur, Mr. Vikram( the organizer) was only allowed to have red bull to keep his eyes open where as we were clinking our beer cans.  Our first long stop was near halduani where our search god mohit hunted for food as all the places was serving rice but he found one place who served rotis with rice.

The entire view was breathtaking, a bliss to eyes, an ecstasy to ears and heart. Water and trees were accompanying us in the whole journey to mark our presence, while we were fighting who will sit in front. Noise was on top and excitement was growing every minute.
After driving 300 kms we realized we choose the longer route and tried to find a place to stay the night as it was getting darker every minute. Oops I forgot to tell you, the whole we were imagining why there is no one else on the road we are pursuing its NH anyway. We ll the question was already answered it was the wrong NH. It was a mistake which created few 100 extra clicks in our book of memories.

After hours of searching and twisting through rocks and turns, we found a place to stay over, Thalisen and mohit was pronouncing it sushmita sen as the last few alphabets rhymed. While reaching for Thalisen it was dark so we thought of asking a guy who was coming from front but after seeing his face we ran like anything, we felt haunted for several hours after that.

We book a single room with six beds and grabbed the only meal we got there at 10 pm in the night, anyhow we stuffed the hungry tummies.  With our growling account manager mr mohit hovering over us to spend less ( kidding).

The night was on and we slept like dead in bed and waiting for the next adventure going to come next day with the bright sunshine and more heights.

Its just day one the others are still going to come …. One day at a time so by tomorrow I m gonna tell you about 4th September with the fun stored in it. And Mohit’s undying love for Gauchar… stay tuned…

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