Friday, 13 February 2015

Say NO !!!

Sometimes I feel saying NO is the most hard thing. It breaks the most valuable thing we have a           "heart". Whether its for something or love. I Always tried to protect these things but hurt most of the hearts.
 I also love, i do have a heart, but it cant be everyone's. You cant force me to love you. You can make me understand your love and if i feel the same for you... I will love you more than you love yourself.
But try to understand it cant be forced. People say love him who loves you, a lot of people love me n i cant love them all in same way.
Its a concept nobody tries to understand they just say " you are mean". 
I am !!!
If I am thinking about myself then i am mean wow. What a hypocrisy guys have !! they are thinking about their love and i cant think about me.
Three Cheers!

And What if I said yes !! 

From the next day they want a hug .. kisss..

And in a week time they want the expression of love. For them love is only this ... and I ma not In It..
Truly saying ......... 

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